Heat & Cold Shrink

Heat shrink is used for various reasons.  In this case they are used to dress cables and add strain resistance.  Cold shrink is designed to weather-proof connections.  Simply slide the cold shrink over what you want to shrink around and it takes it from there.  No heat gun or torch required.

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CST-02-10 Cold Shrink Tubing Range 02-10
  • $12.25
CST-04-16 Cold Shrink Tubing Range 04-16
  • $15.00
SHRINK195 Adhesive Backed Heat Shrink 1/4 inch LMR-195, RFC195
  • $16.29
SHRINK240 Adhesive Backed Heat Shrink 3/8 inch for LMR-240 & RFC240
  • $17.61
SHRINK400 Adhesive Backed Heat Shrink 1/2 inch LMR-400 and RFC400
  • $21.32