Cold Shrink Tubing Range 04-16

Cold Shrink Tubing Range 04-16

This item covers the following cable grades and connectors 

Cables: RG8, RG213,RG214, RFC400, RFC600, LMR900, 1/4", 1/2" Corrugated
Connectors: 4.1/9.5, 4.3/10, 7/16, BNC, FME, UHF, SMA, TNC, Type N, Type F

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●Unique Delivery System: Provides a quick and simple installation in challenging cable deployments, no torch or heat required

●Durable Environmental Seal: 
Provides an IP68 watertight seal against dust, water and corrosion

●Solid Silicone Rubber: Provides superior elastomer properties and stability. Also resistance to UV, fungus, ozone, general weathering in extreme temperature and tear resistant

●Useful Application: Protect RF Connections in outdoor deployments while simultaneously adding strength to the cable assembly. Also Excellent shrink ratio allows 2 sizes to cover majority of cable and connector needs

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